The War For Thanes


In 526 AP King Rhogen of House Heldor died of illness. His only son, Angrim, succeeded him, though days after his coronation evidence arose that Angrim’s mother, the now deceased Queen Lyse, had an affair and that Angrim was not Rhogen’s son, but the son of a lesser nobleman, making his claim to the throne illegitimate. The crown, therefore, passed to Rhogen’s brother, Perth, a boy of seven years, whose mother, Falyne, would rule as his regent until he came of age.

However, Angrim denied the accusations that he was illegitimate, and many houses remained loyal to him because of his command experience and strength. Perth was still a child, unfit for rule, and though his mother was wise and cunning, many houses believed she wasn’t strong enough to rule the kingdom until Perth came of age. A good number of houses still pledged themselves to Perth’s cause, because he was the rightful heir.

War broke out between the two sides, and though Perth’s outnumbered forces suffered several close defeats, the end of the war favored the boy king when a terrible storm-wracked Angrim’s armies, killing thousands. Some saw the storm as a sign against Angrim’s bid for the throne, and several houses turned over to Perth, evening the numbers. An uneasy truce was agreed upon, and for a year both sides have been licking their wounds, while massing the necessary coin to replenish their troops.

The kingdom is split in two; South Thanes, which Angrim holds, and North Thanes, Perth’s territory. As spring comes to an end so too will the peace; armies will swell with levies during the summer and war seems inevitable. Angrim’s forces have time working against them; if Angrim is truly an illegitimate bastard, then the only bid he has to the throne is his strength as a leader, but Perth will only remain a boy for so long, and his coming of age may draw some houses from Angrim’s host, which may tilt the playing field.

Houses of Thanes

The War For Thanes

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