The official name given to the tribal nomads of the Frozen Lands, the Bergmen wander the northern tundra, following the herds of caribou that support their population. They are the descendants of the native Hibernians, and follow the old ways. They worship animal spirits and value strength and honor above all else. Deeds and titles are badges of prestige, and ancestors are points of merit as well.

Their tribes tend to be named after animals, and each tribe looks out for itself first. If food is scarce, it is not uncommon for two tribes to war over a herd of caribou. Their culture is steeped in tradition, and every year the tribes gather at a holy ground in peace, to discuss stories and news, and compete with each other in competitions.

A common introduction amongst Bergmen might go like this: I am Helmon Wolfbane, son of Joren the Great, of the Black Bear tribe.

The Bergmen speak Old Galwyn.


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