Area: 180,145 square miles
Population: 6,998,625
Military Size: 80,000
Capital: Lun Mark
Native Languages: Trade (common), Esterian

The great mountain kingdom, Estermark is commonly stereotyped as a wasteland of rocks and jutting peaks. Contrary to popular belief, plenty of life can be found in the valleys there, and great cities flourish both between the mountains and within them.

The stonefolk, as they are often called, are master masons and have achieved incredible feats that rival the works of magical builders. Huge tunnel networks are carved through the mountains, allowing easy passage; the longest of these takes days to travel through. Estermark boasts some of the most impregnable fortresses in the world, and the fact that it has never been conquered is a testament to their strength.

Engineers flock to the kingdom to learn from the Esterian masters. The stonefolk produced the first crossbow, and it is their favored weapon. Plate armor was also developed here, thanks to the country’s abundant, rich mines, and talented artisans.


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