While it may seem that this page and the Characters page is redundant, this page will be a comprehensive list of ancillary and minor characters as well as major characters. Major NPCs will receive their own page on the Characters thread.

Bartle Robard: Lord of House Robard and lord of Westford.

Bran Greenfield: A burnout. He is one of the Knights of the Fork.

Dag Hayes: A knight and the captain of Lord Robard’s guard.

Esmay Emmert: Augustus’ mother.

Friar Thom: The friar of Westford. Known to be protective of his books.

Helma: The cook at Kingfisher Tavern, and Ulfdorn’s wife.

Ibrahail Izak: A Sul Jahari who now trains the militia in Westford.

Lewin Tillerson: One of the knights of the fork. He is known for being a joker.

May: Daughter of Ulfdorn; works as a serving girl at Kingfisher Tavern. She is an honorary member of the Knights of the Fork.

Patrick Emmert: Augustus’ father.

Perciville Emmert: Augustus’ older brother.

Tristan Robard: The heir of House Robard. A member of the Knights of the Fork.

Ulfdorn: The owner of Kingfisher Tavern.her Tavern.


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