The Kingdom of Lumasca


Area: 137,874 square miles
Population: 7,141,860
Military Size: 85,000
Capital: Balba
Native Languages: Trade (common), Sirran, Tenjapur

A thousand years ago, Lumasca was conquered by the Phaesteans. When the empire fell, Lumasca was absorbed by the Sul Jahir Empire, its southern neighbor. Two hundred years ago, the country rebelled and succeeded in winning its freedom, reviving the name the Kingdom of Lumasca.

Being so close to the Sul Jahir Empire, much of Lumasca’s culture and people are similar to what you’d find in the south. The people have sandy skin, dark hair and eyes, and usually speak at least three languages. Lumascans are a passionate people, enjoying late nights, music, dancing, and glorify rebels. Some of their greatest heroes were thieves or criminals. Lumascans are known for traveling the world in groups, offering entertainment and performances, but also employing thievery to a great extent.

The Kingdom of Lumasca

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