The Republic of Miridia


Area: 227,168 square miles
Population: 23,534,560
Military Size: 280,000
Capital: Malione
Native Languages: Trade (common)

Formed six hundred years ago from the ashes of the Phaestean Empire, the Republic of Miridia was one of many fractured territories. It quickly swallowed up other fledgling countries that spawned from the empire’s destruction, becoming one of the world’s most powerful nations.

Where the empire was autocratic, Miridia is ruled by a senate, chosen by the elite of society. They are a progressive nation, pioneers in art and culture, while retaining considerable military might.

Recently, a breakthrough in fabric weaving has allowed the Miridians to produce extra fine clothes, which has evolved a unique fashion amongst the aristocracy; women don great bell-shaped dresses, while the men prefer fine coats and ruffled shirts.

Their progressive nature is even reflected in their fighting. Miridians are fond of the rapier and lighter weapons, as well as crossbows, and dueling is an important part of life (and often times, death). Though the rapier is more common amongst aristocracy and civilians, their military glorifies cavalry and Miridians have a strong sense of chivalry. They often boast that they invented the code. Not surprisingly, reputation is supremely important to Miridians.

The Republic of Miridia

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