The Sul Jahir Empire


Area: 3,052,121 square miles
Population: 118,574,385
Military Size: 500,000-1,000,000
Capital: Sul Abaran
Native Languages: Trade (common), Ankesh, Sirran, Tenjapur, Zekar, Old Zekar, Unganese

The great power of the South, Sul Jahir covers a massive expanse of land, including the wide Sabar Desert, the dark jungles of Ulhakar, and the exotic Sapphire Coast. The empire covers a third of the known world, and is ruled by a Jahir who is akin to a living god.

The Jahir rules from Sul Abaran, the largest city in the world. However, every other major province of the empire is ruled by warlords, or Hirams, who owe fealty to the Jahir, but are free to rule their lands the way they wish and even wage war against other Hirams.

War between the Hirams is encouraged and seen as signs of a healthy empire; the weak are threaded out, leaving only the strong. Only the Jahir’s word can bring peace to the empire and, if the Jahir is strong enough, he can bind to him the largest army in Avani.

Sul Jahir is an exotic and foreign land to outsiders. The people are as varied as the empire is large, there are animals unheard of, and valuable goods found nowhere else. Traders daring enough to brave the pirates that roam the seas earn huge profits from stopping along the Sapphire Coast.

The Sul Jahir Empire

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