Type: Village
Population: 146
Ruler: House Robard

Westford is a sleepy village located in western Thanes. Built on the foundations of an ancient keep, the village’s main exports are wheat and wool. Most of the peasantry live on farms nearby, though there are a number of people who live near the town center; merchants, traders, and craftsmen mostly. The village sits near the Dragon’s Gullet, the main river that flows out into Dragonmaw Bay, and enjoys trade from river boats and ferries from Skycrest.

Westford remained mostly untouched during the Red Summer, though a number of its men were conscripted and killed in battle. Its greatest struggle came a year later, in 508 AP, when a band of highwaymen and deserters sacked the village and laid siege to the keep. Since then, the people have trained themselves so that they may better resist another attack. Yearly tournaments are held at the keep where prizes are doled out by the local lord.


Dragon’s Gullet: A large river on the village’s border, the gullet, as it’s commonly known, feeds from the mountains to the south, bringing trade from Skycrest and out to Dunharth Keep.

Emperor Rock: An ancient stone wall, or what is left of it, dating back to the Phaestean’s occupation of Hibernia. It is set in a field about a mile away from Westford’s square, and is the meeting location of the Knights of the Fork.

Gullet Bridge: An old stone bridge that spans the Dragon’s Gullet about a mile south of Westford. It’s the only way across for miles, aside from a ferry.

Kingfisher Tavern: Kingfisher’s is Westford’s only tavern and inn. The only three-story building, it sits in the center of the village, rivaled in size only by the old chapel. Though it rarely houses travelers on days other than market days, Kingfisher’s is a popular place for the villagers to end their day.

North Gate: Long ago, a small keep once stood where Westford was. All that remains of that ancient keep is the gate and one adjoining tower. The doors of the gate are long gone, and the tower serves as a roost for pigeons, a crumbling stamp of the Phaestean Empire’s influence on Hibernia.

Old Chapel: A bit of a misleading name since there is no new chapel, many villagers gather here every Oneday for service and then train in the village square afterward. The chapel is an old structure and in constant need of repair, tended to only by Friar Thom.

The Square: The village square is a large patch of packed dirt, bordered by the tavern, chapel, and a number of the wealthier citizens’ homes. It hosts the market every Nineday, Nilday, and an afternoon market Oneday while being the training grounds for the villagers in the morning.

Sugar Creek: Also known as “shit creek,” this small creek runs around Westford and feeds into the river on the town’s border. North of a small bridge that crosses it is the designated dumping zone for the village’s waste, hence its moniker. Don’t drink south of the bridge!


Bran Greenfield: A burnout. He is one of the Knights of the Fork.

Esmay Emmert: Augustus’ mother.

Friar Thom: The friar of Westford. Known to be protective of his books.

Helma: The cook at Kingfisher Tavern, and Ulfdorn’s wife.

Ibrahail Izak: A Sul Jahari who now trains the militia in Westford.

Lewin Tillerson: One of the knights of the fork. He is known for being a joker.

May: Daughter of Ulfdorn; works as a serving girl at Kingfisher Tavern. She is an honorary member of the Knights of the Fork.

Patrick Emmert: Augustus’ father.

Perciville Emmert: Augustus’ older brother.

Ulfdorn: The owner of Kingfisher Tavern.her Tavern.


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