Westford Keep


Type: Castle
Population: 25 (10 servants, 15 troops)
Ruler: House Robard

A small but easily defended motte-and-bailey, Westford Keep lies about half a mile north of its namesake. It houses the local lord and his family, a small garrison, and several servants. The keep consists of three main parts: the yard, which contains the servants’ quarters, and a stable; the keep itself, which houses the noble family and the garrison; and the storage rooms, built underneath the keep which holds the keeps supplies and treasury.



Built over a hundred years ago, Westford Keep has served as a deterrent to small bands of brigands and enemy war parties that have roamed the area. Its only serious conflict was seen in 508 AP just after the Red Summer, in an event known as Cromwell’s Siege.

Toby Cromwell was the leader of a group of deserters turned highwaymen. In the wake of the war, they marauded across the countryside, taking advantage of the diminished military forces in the area. Cromwell and his band decided to try to carve out a piece of the land for themselves, he himself having a tenuous claim to nobility. Cromwell burned Westford to the ground and besieged the keep. Lacking the patience and time to starve the survivors out, Cromwell launched a number of assaults against the beleaguered defenders, many of whom were peasants armed with pitchforks.

The siege ended in Cromwell’s defeat. His band was scattered, and Cromwell was hung, along with any of his men that were captured.



Bartle Robard: Lord of House Robard and lord of Westford.

Dag Hayes: A knight and the captain of Lord Robard’s guard.

Tristan Robard: The heir of House Robard. A member of the Knights of the Fork.

Westford Keep

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